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Oct 31, 2016

King Zedekiah is warned by the Lord. The people flip-flop on their treatment of their servants. Jeremiah is called to reach out to the Rechabites. God’s word is written… read destroyed and rewritten. And, The Christ is compared to man, Moses.

Oct 29, 2016

The Lord looks past the discipline on into restoration once again longing for that day when the repentant remnant will return, establishing a new covenant with them. And, we see Messiah as 100% man and 100% God.

Oct 28, 2016

A false prophet is a fearful place to be. Hananiah finds that out first hand. The Lord sends a letter to those in captivity telling them to settle down and settle in. It’s going to be exactly seventy years until you’re set free. And, we see Christ is above the prophets and event the angels.

Oct 27, 2016

The Lord lists the length of judgement. Seventy years as slaves. God gives a hint, that He may be still willing to relent if His people would be willing to repent. But, unfortunately they only talk of repentance. Paul rights a letter of redemption to friend, Philemon.

Oct 26, 2016

The Lord takes the shepherding of His people seriously. So, shepherds who feed and care only for themselves make God really angry, especially, in our reading today a king named Coniah. And, the Apostle Paul concludes his letter to Titus by talking about grace.